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Ultra-compact Investment Banking for Tech Start-ups with $1M-5M in Revenue
Sell-side M&A — Fundraising — Strategic Advisory

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You’ve done it - built a company with real revenue and value, but you're still small and not on a curve that has VCs pounding at the door. You can’t fuel real growth without more capital, a broader portfolio, or a more established sales channel and you're considering another round or a strategic acquisition. You appreciate the value of help in running a process, but don’t know where to start, or have already discovered you’re too small for boutique investment banks.

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RevPath Partners is an ultra-compact investment banking advisory firm specifically designed to help smaller companies like yours along their path to success. We team with CEOs and their Boards to help evaluate options, set the right goals, and then architect and execute a process all the way to closing. We're not a fit for everyone, but if your revenues are in the $1M - $15M range and you have an interest in maximizing your outcome, we might be the right fit for you.

Why Chose RevPath

RevPath is led by a former start-up founder/COO and Marketing/Business Development executive turned banker who can really understand your business, how it fits in the marketplace, and who can benefit from what you've built. Our 'Team of One' means you get Managing Director-level experience and effort in everything we do. Above all, we're tenacious. If there's a win out there, we'll help you find it and get the best deal possible for your team and investors.

Our Services

As the core of our business, we aid clients in the development and execution of both short-term and long-term sell-side strategies. Our approach starts with leveraging our operational skills to develop a deep understanding your products, business model, and operation. We combine that understanding with our deep sector knowledge to refine your core value proposition(s) for potential acquirers and then draw on our extensive realtionships, database, and research skills to assemble the list potential buyers with detail on their company objectives, product gaps, acquisition goals, acquisition process, and timing. When the list and materials are ready and an initial dataroom has been assembled, we launch and manage the outreach process, handling prequalification, scheduling, and follow-ups so that client leadership can remain as focused as possible on continuing to run and grow the business. Outreach is often staged, and the list is constantly enhanced as we look for and leverage any and all opportunities to create competition between buyers. As the process continues, we frequently combine our banking and operational background to identify and execute on key initiatives in marketing, customer development, and/or business development that significantly enhance exit values and business success. Throughout, we are tenacious in pursuing the best possible outcome for you and your investors.

Our capital raise work focuses on aiding clients with short- and long-term capital acquisition strategies and execution with Venture and Strategic investors, as well as occasional work with venture debt and smaller private equity firms. Success in A and B round fundraising hinges not only on company/CEO/sector strength, but on knowing where to go, what to say, and who to send. With Strategics, we are out-front, working as we are in any M&A engagement. With VCs, we keep client/CEOs out-front as we work backstage to prepare materials, formulate targets, coordinate outreach, evaluate feedback, track activity, and drive the process to decision, negotiation and closing. In Venture, it's much more about the partner than the firm, and warm introductions provide tremendous advantage. Our direct investor relationships, enormous database, and mad research skills combine to get our clients the access they need to succeed.

It can be lonely at the top, and even CEOs need advice. Boards are there to provide guidence, but for early stage companies there is no getting around the fact that Board Members are also investors. As an independent advisor with deep entrprenuerial experience, a keen understanding of what will make your company more attractive to investors and acquirers, and no agenda other than to serve the best interests of you and your company - we'll listen, provide honest and direct feedback, and team with you to solve whatever challenges are holding you back from achieving greater success.

Business development offers many rewards - building strategic customer or supplier relationships, achieving broader distribution, establishing secondary revenue streams, enhancing your company image, or laying the groundwork for a future strategic investment or acquistion. Good project selection and execution makes a company stronger while bad selection or execution drains precious time, money and resource. With the combined experience of banker, entrepreneur, and senior business development exec, we're always ready to roll up our sleeves and help you navigate the opportunities and build lasting partnerships that deliver real value.


John D. Shumway Managing Director
As an entrepreneurial marketing, business development, and corporate development executive, John is experienced in conceiving and driving the successful creation, launch, and market adoption of new products and business lines at start-ups and medium-sized technology companies.

John joined Progress Partners, a Boston/NYC boutique investment bank, as a Managing Director in 2010. His work with Progress included a B-Series capital raise for Pixability, the sale of Eons.com, the sale of Meetcha.com, and strategic advisory to Blueforce Development, Walleye Technologies, inStream Media, and others. John continues his relationship with Progress Partners as an Executive-in-Residence.

Prior to Progress, John was a founder of Panraven, Inc., a sixty-five person start-up providing unique digital commemoration and print services principally in the travel space where Panraven teamed with major cruise lines and land based tour operators. As COO, John led the partner sales channel, member support, site operations, lifetime monetization, and product fulfillment.

Before Panraven, John was a VP of Product Management and a General Manager of Business Development at Akamai Technologies where he led a newly formed product group charged with expanding the company’s offerings through productization of core technologies and external partnering opportunities. In that role he drove the creation and adoption of one of the first IP geo-location solutions, partnered Akamai with WebTrends to develop and bring to market a leading SaaS solution for web analytics, and coordinated development and delivery of custom of internet intelligence services for federal intelligence agencies.

See more at linkedin.com/in/jshumway

Our Work

In our normal course of business, we evaluate hundreds of companies a year, build detailed market landscapes, track comparibles,
evolve our database of investors and acquirers, and monitor the state of fundraising and M&A markets for activity and multiples.
In short, we know our spaces and we're always ready to craft a unique, strategy-driven approach to maximize the probability of a successful outcome.

SaaS Sector
Digital Media Sector
Marketing Services Sector
Social Sector

Mobile Sector
Security Sector
eHealth Sector
eCommerce Sector


— Completed engagements led as a Managing Director at Progress Partners and RevPath Partners—

What people say

Advisor to Pixability

John was absolutely instrumental in helping us raise a round of funding from a major strategic investor. He provided unusually deep strategic advice and creative solutions thanks to his broad experience in both the enterprise and consumer Internet sectors. His advice was always actionable, pragmatic and rooted in reality, but driven by long-term strategic thinking that went well beyond the obvious. John was much more than an advisor for us, working hands-on with our team on investor pitches, marketing plans, financial models and business development initiatives.

Andreas Goeldi, CTO Pixability
Advisor to SnappCloud

John really delivers. He was quick to establish a deep understanding of our business, market, competitors and comps then assembled an impressive list of possible buyers - customizing his approach to each one to present us in the best light. He's part of our core team now. You just can't get his level of service from the big shops.

David Steinberg, CEO SnappCloud
Investment Banker for Eons, Eons BoomMedia, Meetcha.com

John and his team were tenacious in their search for the right acquirer of the business and in getting our deals done.

Jeff Taylor, CEO EONs
Advisor to Blueforce Development

John is a trusted advisor whose strong operational background and true understanding of the market stands out as the reason he’s been such a valuable contributor to Blueforce - not just to our fundraising strategy - but to our product direction, opportunity selection, OEM partnering, sales development, and marketing as well.

Michael Helfrich, CEO Blueforce Development

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